Who we are

Lagonda Machine was started in 1980 by Donald “Butch” Greene as a small machine shop with 2 employees. It has grown into a 26-person operation that is still family owned and operated by the second generation. Although we have grown significantly, Lagonda still provides the same high-quality service to individuals and corporations alike.

Located at 2410 Park Avenue, Washington, PA, Lagonda Machine, LLC is a quality choice for all of your machining and fabricating needs.

We service the steel mills, coal mines, paper mills, gas, oil and plastic industries and anyone else who needs our skills. The fact that we still accept walk-in-business from individuals makes Lagonda unique.

As many machine shops over the years have gotten away from the small jobs and focused on large contract business, Lagonda has balanced their work flow to be able to produce large jobs, but still able to create a piece for a local farmers tractor when needed. We’ve been able to help people who are restoring an old car by creating a part or bracket that is no longer available from the manufacturer. We also have the ability to machine custom drive shafts for any application. When someone comes in with a part that they need reverse engineered or duplicated, our knowledgeable staff will consult with them as to how the part could be improved and designed to their specific task.

This quality customer service carries over to our large jobs as well. Having been in the area for many years, chances are we have helped almost all of the manufacturing companies in Washington County.

Realizing that in today’s fast paced world, any downtime in production can mean big problems for a company, Lagonda Machine provides 7-day, 24-hour emergency service. When something breaks in the middle of the night, and you need to get the job back up and running, whether you are in the coal mine, working on a drilling rig or an assembly line, call Lagonda Machine. With 10,000 pounds of American Steel in stock at all times, chances are we have the material required to get the job done.